At WCS we work tirelessly to meet your service needs and expectations to support your service related narrative. Below are just a handful of examples from a few of our recent projects along with some of the wonderful outcomes that we contributed to through our project involvement.

WCS Professional Evaluation Services

Project Type: Outcomes Evaluation of two year Physical Activity Program

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“Good evaluation is the cornerstone of any program. Taking the time to set goals, develop measures, and track progress was the key in helping us to demonstrate our successes and uncover areas for improvement.  Comprehensive evaluation helped us tell our story to the community and to our funders. The result was a high quality program that received support to expand across the County. Game ON!”

Bil Smith, Executive Director

2017 Project Update-  As a result of the Outcomes Evaluation conducted by WCS, this two year pilot program received an additional $311,600 in Ontario Trillium funding  to expand the Game On! rural youth physical activity program over the next 29 months.

For a copy of our evaluation reports or to talk about your project needs please contact us at (613) 277-6438


WCS Professional Design Services

Project Type: Service System Navigation (Gaps & Needs Analysis)

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“WCS did a great job on getting a good handle on what the women experienced.I would like to use the report as a teaching tool for case managers… to get a better overview of the journey phases and the utilization of services and how they/we can improve in our delivery based on the stress levels and service expectations.”

Regional Hospital Mental Health Supervisor


Project Type: Stakeholder Empathy Mapping

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WCS Development Services

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WCS Leadership Coaching Services

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