Peer Coaching- Learn, Connect and Do!

“Coaching deepens a leader’s self-awareness of their unique strengths and talents as a foundation for improving their management and leadership talents and for reshaping their jobs to fit their skills and talents (Wolfred, et al, 2003, p.2).”

Peer coaching circles leverage the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Designed for middle managers, the circles provide participants with a unique  opportunity to learn and connect with other individuals in similar management positions. Facilitated by an experienced Leadership Coach, the goal of each circle is to identify individual leadership related goals supported by a coaching process that includes knowledge and experience sharing among coachees to build trust for high-quality connections. With a growing need for more collaboration and partnerships, Peer coaching circles experience and practice making small contributions to co-creating a unique and highly valued and effective learning  environment.  This is where good leaders develop great skills by embracing vulnerability, experimentation and even failure!

Join others in contributing to an unforgettable experiential learning experience while also strengthening your professional network and building key relationships.

What you can expect during a 6 or 12 week circle  process

  • Group orientation meeting
  • 5 people max per circle (plus facilitator)
  • Weekly or bi-weekly in-person meetings (Virtual groups available on request)
  • DISC® Personality Behavioural and Leadership related Assessments

Contact us for information  (613) 277-6438 or

New Peer Coaching Circles beginning in April 2017


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