“We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who cross them”

As a physical structure a bridge is one example of a service designed to address a gap or need in a particular area. A well designed bridge often includes a number of individual parts, that when joined together contribute to the beauty, the strength and overall usability of the bridge as a system transition tool.  WCS helps clients to better understand how well individual services, processes and system components fit together to meet the transitional needs of users in the most effective, efficient and satisfying manner.

Traditional evaluation aims to measure the effectiveness of individual service interactions, whereas our Design services focuses on the end-to-end service journey. Service Performance research shows that people derive value and meaning from not just one interaction but more commonly based on a combined collection of their accumulated service experiences that result in emotional responses.

Focusing on quality using a Systems approach is a better way to measure the relevance and impact of the overall services received to gain improved understanding about how it feels to use your services. Our User Experience (UX) Design services take you beyond satisfaction surveys into a much deeper state of discovery and exploration of a services impact on users.

Our Design Services include-

– User Experience (User Journey and Stakeholder Empathy Mapping)

– Service Satisfaction Surveys

-Interviews and Focus Groups

-Organization and System Service Performance Analysis

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