Wicked Problems Service Hackathons are Learning Labs designed for Social and Community Service Providers in the Not for Profit sector. The sessions focus on Design Thinking methods and alternative tools to help communities tackle persistent problems.

WHAT IS A HACKATHON? The Hackathon model offers participants a collaborative human-centred learning experience that embraces creativity, curiosity and playfulness for distilling ideas into actionable ideas and services for addressing persistent community service problems.

WHAT IS A WICKED PROBLEM?  Wicked problems are those persistent social or cultural issues that service providers and community service systems commonly face but are difficult  if not impossible to solve.

WHY A WICKED PROBLEM SERVICE HACKATHON? Wicked Problem Service Hacks are learn-by-doing events for Social and Community Service providers and stakeholders in the Nonprofit sector. The events focus on sharing and teaching the human-centred Design processes made popular by to help communities think and design differently the solutions needed to change persistent community problems.


JUNE 15/16 ~ 22/23 ~ 29/30

WHAT IS THE GOAL OF EACH 2 DAY 0-6 SERVICE HACKATHON SESSION? The 0-6 Service Hackathons have been developed to support the Community service planning and activities as outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Education OEYCFC Planning Guidelines.

“In alignment with the commitment made in the Ontario Early Years Policy Framework, in February 2016 the Ministry announced its intention to transform Ministry-funded child and family programs into an increasingly integrated, cohesive system of services and supports for children ages 0-6 and their parents and caregivers known as Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres (OEYCFCs).” Ontario Ministry of Education, OEYCFC-Planning-Guidelines

Design thinking is a holistic systems approach to delivering human-centred services that are designed to meet client and service users needs and expectations.  Participants of the 0-6 Service Hackathon will be better equipped to deliver services as per the OEYCFC guidelines, for example-

-Respond to parent/caregiver concerns about their child’s development

-Information sharing about services and programs.

-Facilitate and coordinate community connections and service planning for all  family members.

-Collaborate with community partners to offer additional programs and services  that align with the needs and priorities of the community.

For more information or to register using the eventbrite page: EVENTBRITE LINK

*Space, Early Bird pricing and Discount Hotel Rates are very limited. Register Early!


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