Training or Coaching?

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership”

Harvey S. Firestone

We offer custom leadership development focused on meeting the needs of individuals, organizations and systems to support the delivery of effective user services!

Training generally focuses on information sharing for the purpose of learning how to do something. Often the process involves outside experts, delivering a one-time lesson or short series in a classroom or presentation format.  Training is ideal for transferring technical skills, sharing key information and organizational processes.  Training is ideal for subject matter novices (Low experience/Knowledge) interested in learning from a subject expert (High experience/knowledge). It is usually a more costly development option and direct outcomes can be difficult to measure if learners do not have opportunities to implement the knowledge in the work environment.

Read more about the importance of Leadership Development

Coaching generally focuses on strengthening the existing skills and abilities of individual learner to help them achieve a higher level of performance . The Coaching process provides individuals with a unique opportunity to learn and monitor progress over time, while applying and practicing in the work environment.  Development Outcomes can be more easily monitored and measured over time.Coaching is a growth mindset process that enables individuals opportunities to share and learn with others.

Additional information about our Leadership, Evaluation and Design focused Training or Leadership Coaching Programs.

Did you know? More than 50% of turnover can be attributed to poor leadership.

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