WCS Coaching Services

Facilitated Peer Coaching Programs- WCS offers a 6 and 12 week facilitated Peer Leadership Coaching Programs. The programs are designed for individuals interested in learning the Peer Coaching process while also experiencing it first hand to achieve a personal leadership performance goal. Coaching is a unique and well recognized tool for developing new competencies and building your leadership confidence.

Individual Coaching Programs- WCS offers a 12 week Professional Coaching program for individuals who prefer a personal coaching experience. During the weekly sessions (12 week process), individuals explore their  own leadership skills and attributes and select a SMART goal.  WCS Coachees complete three individual assessment tools that are used to guide their coaching process and personal leadership journey.

Additional information about WCS Coaching Programs

“Individual and Peer Coaching have been proven to be effective leadership development tools that provide a safe place to address concerns which cannot be discussed from isolated positions within a person’s respective organization.”

Peter York, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, TCC Group

Please call (613) 277-6438 or email HelloWoodsConsulting@outlook.com for our pricing and 2017 Peer Coaching schedules.

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