Summer Sharing & Reflection

Summer has certainly put a pause on our usual blogging efforts here at WCS as we embark on the redesign of our website. However, that hasn’t stopped us from staying on top of the great reads and resources that are shared and circulated through social media and sent along from friends and Leadership Network members. We are including a handful of links to some of our favourite finds below and encourage you to share and circulate within your own learning communities.


Want to make your people happier? Make sure you provide these three elements in your organization or small business environment. via @Inc

Peer Circles #WOL and Being Authentic – A great LinkedIn article by Liz Brummond sharing some of her reflections and experiences from taking part in a Working Out Loud peer coaching circle.

Please Touch the Art A fantastic and inspiring video that speaks to the importance of “seeing” from a different perspective. In this case, artist Andrew Myers changes how he approaches his  visual art to include the Blind and visually impaired.

Otto Scharmer writes and presents on the inner blind spot from which our actions originate and become the source of  what we do and why we do it. In addition to Scharmer’s work, we stumbled on this interesting article in the Huffington Post on the need to recognize the blindspot of privilege in the work of philanthropy, that also included this stellar advice,”operate from a place of humility, gratitude and service,not privilege.” 

People-centred…human-centred…whatever you want to call it,  keep in mind these 4 important leadership principles shared in this post by Tom Farr via Udemy Blog

Enjoy and connect with us!


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