Cohesive Teams & Organizational Leadership

Cohesive Teams & Organizational Leadership

We all know that it takes more than tape to keep a team together and working efficiently. Team functioning often goes unnoticed, until a problem or change brings to surface behaviours and attitudes that all leaders must learn to work with. Leaders who are able to recognize and act on the first signs of trouble are also likely to avoid the costly consequences of doing nothing.

Cohesive teams are generally those which are high functioning and efficient — helping a cohesive group stick together requires effective leadership. Leaders, who focus on building and maintaining cohesive teams, are generally more likely to lead nimble and adaptable organizations. The mastery of cohesive team building can be applied to strengthening networks and the external relationships necessary for new partnerships and collaborative projects.

Workshop Details:

This workshop is for individuals who are interested in exploring how organization and team behaviours can be identified and leveraged to strengthen and connect the human elements of a teams so they can be more productive and purposeful.

This Leadership Learning Lab explores:

  • The concept of organizational health and the potential signs of “illness” within the system.
  • Key functioning and dysfunctional behavioural drivers
  • Simple steps to increase trust, reduce fears and strengthen everyone’s overall commitment.

Recommended Reading:

Author Patrick Lencioni shares his knowledge of teams in The Advantage and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.


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Cohesive Teams & Organizational Leadership

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