Leadership & 12 Laws of Karma

“Karma is a B*tch,” I know that I have said this.

Finding solace in a sort of spiritual revenge that falls onto the evil do-ers of this world, restoring universal harmony and balance. For many of us, this little phrase is enough to move us through feelings or discomfort — to allow things to pass knowing that eventually the universe will take care of the things that we have no control over.

“Really? No control? No way!”

Let’s talk Karma.

Karma is not a concept of punishment at all, in fact it has more to do with our own purpose and meaning as an outcome of our own thoughts and actions. If the truth be told, Leadership can be a real B*tch when and if we fail to recognize and follow the 12 Laws of Karma.

Leadership and the 12 Karma Laws

1. The Great Law of Cause and Effect

Make real efforts to be bring happiness and love to others and build trusting relationships. What you put out into the Universe will come back to you.

2. The Law of Creation

Sitting around and waiting for things to come to you…happens when you order books on-line from Amazon (trust me I know this). Participate in your life and surround yourself with the people and things that make your life meaningful. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner state.

3. The Law of Humility

Learning to lead takes time and you must be willing to change yourself first. Shift your mind towards the positive, focus less on seeing people or experiences negatively and appreciate what is working for you. To achieve a higher level of enlightenment you must elevate yourself.

4. The Law of Growth

We can’t control what is not ours to control—focus on changing yourself and the world you know will change around you. There is no getting away from ourselves,“Wherever you go, there you are,” strive to be the Leader everyone wishes they had!

5. The Law of Responsibility

As leaders, we all have responsibilities and according to this Karma Law, if something is wrong in our world, then something is wrong within us. Our actions, words and thoughts will be mirrored by those around us—model what you want to be and see as they are a reflection of you.

6. The Law of Connection

Bringing home the systems thinking with this one folks!

Everything in the Universe is connected which reminded me of a child gifting an adult with a stone— a small or seemingly valueless action can hold great meaning and value to someone else. Doing it alone is bad karma. According to this law, all steps in a process take time and effort and each must be recognized as an equal and valued contribution.

We are also connected to our past, present, and future selves and experiences—ignore if you own a Delorean Time Machine.

7. The Law of Focus

Leaders are too often forced to divide their attentions—although this can be unavoidable, this law serves to remind that in truth, we cannot think of two things at the same time. Be mindful of this and learn the art of reflection, learning to focus on the things we truly value helps us to avoid lower thoughts that lead to anger or greed.

8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality

To be governed by this law means that believing in something, will require you to demonstrate that truth. Don’t just learn about being an effective leader…practice it.

9. The Law of Here and Now

Be present as distractions prevent progress. Developing leadership skills takes effort—staying in the zone is more difficult when we spend time looking backward at our mistakes or worrying about the future.



10. The Law of Change

This is a tough one for so many but according to this tenth Karma Law, history will continue to repeat until we learn the lessons necessary to change our direction.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward

Rewards with any lasting value come from working hard and having patience. If you take the time to develop and share your individual gifts you will be rewarded in time.

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

As identified through each of previous Laws, being a Leader is not a position anyone should take lightly.

Results are products of the energy and intent we put into things. Anyone can be given a Leader’s title —but to inspire and encourage others while giving freely of yourself is the truest path to becoming a great Leader.



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