Is it Time to Choose Leadership FIRST?

change       “If you do not change your direction, you may end up where you were heading” ~Lao Tzu

Changing or altering a direction usually involves making a plan and then taking the steps to make it happen — along the way taking time to explore, learn and connect with others. Yet for those in a leadership role, changing a direction can result in bad feelings and confusion especially when an important change means forcing a choice between interrelated issues. 

Choosing between investing in Leadership Development or an organization’s growing operational needs is a good example. In times of uncertainty and funding cuts, it may seem questionable to invest in leadership development especially when so much uncertainty and change exists around us. Yet there is a growing body of research telling businesses and the Not-for-profit sectors otherwise- 

Choosing between Leadership & Organizational needs.

“Investing in nonprofit leadership development is a high-leverage strategy— a journey that should be more than “a one-off, transactional proposition” and treated more like a dynamic, iterative voyage.” (Lee, 2014)

“Leadership development is the highest order of capacity building. Without strong leadership in place, other efforts aimed at strengthening organizations will not succeed.” (Geofunders, 2013)

There are ways to invest in and access leadership  development that won’t force people into the proverbial corner. Additional research suggests that leaders who concentrate on building high quality connections amplify the opportunities for learning and achievement. By making high-quality connections with others we enhance our capabilities that become a “powerful platform for development” (HBR, 2016) offering organizations better options with more lasting impact on our service users.

“Investments in leadership development improves bottom-line financial performance, help to attract and retain talent, drives a performance culture and increases organizational agility, especially in challenging times.” (Geofunders, 2015)

Reflect, Learn & Connect to Amplify Your Abilities 

Prepare to set a new direction towards your own personal leadership goals by experiencing the power of our Professional Coaching programs.

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More to chew on…

Bravetta Hassell December 4, 2015 article in CLO Today’s Best Leaders Are Reflective and Vulnerable read it here.

More on being vulnerable here from the N.Y Times article, Learning to Deal with Imposter Syndrome.

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