Is Your Data Enough?


Read the two part article Let Our Data Define Us written by Lucy Bernholz  who challenges the nonprofit sector to, “share widely, accessibly and openly” while using data to define the work.

Bernholz suggests that the nonprofit sector should find opportunities to share their innovative solutions by demonstrating,  “what it means to use data well”.  She further expands her thinking by identifying a need for the sector to invest in the “structures” that would build the sector’s internal capacity to share, manage and interpret their own data to tell the stories that need to be told.  Sharing a compelling vision, the author encourages the sector to, “experiment and innovate…until the efforts yield new insights, new partnerships, new forms of giving, and new knowledge about solutions.” Reminding us all about our shared reality…big problems are more easily solved when we ALL contribute to the process of finding the best solutions.

Part 1–

Part 2–

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