Habits of the Heart- Good for the Heart


Clifton Taulbert describes  leaders and followers as “one coin with two sides-interdependent and essential for each other’s success”. So what did he mean by this? Taulbert has suggested that leaders have the responsibility to create environments where each member is respected and shares a sense of purpose. Leaders who  practice and exemplify Taulbert’s 8 Habits of the Heart reinforce the message that “everyone matters” and contributes to the success of the organization.

Eith Habits

In his book he defines the 8 Habits of the heart –

Nurturing Attitude- Identified as the foundational habit, it’s about supporting others  and selflessly sharing your time for the benefit of others. It requires leadership to slow down, to take the time needed to establish relationships believing that “quality time will produce quality results”.

Responsibility-Responsibility follows and it involves taking responsibility for relationships by sharing our knowledge and empowering others to do their best.

Friendship- Described as an essential element in the workplace, it drives our attention beyond our own needs and desires so that we can value those around us, their feelings and the contributions they make.

Dependability- Essential to building friendship and relationships is dependability demonstrated by placing the interests of others above our own.

Brotherhood (or Sisterhood)- Setting the expectation that opportunities exist when we reach out beyond what keeps us feeling comfortable and pushes us towards others, to learn from them and share knowledge.

High Expectations- Celebrating what matters most by not resigning as leaders to focus only on routine tasks. It’s about welcoming others and fully utilizing their abilities to make the vision a reality.

Courage- To be a leader, one must be willing to do what is right, to stand up and speak for others in your community. It involves taking risks and facing the unknown.

Hope- The binding capstone for all other habits of the heart that emerges when we consciously slow down to build and nurture our key relationships. Looking forward, believing in the power of tomorrow and remaining productive when feeling limited by current challenges and change.

Visit Taulbert’s personal website to read his brief article titled, “Slow Down to Lead” to further explore his 8 Habits of the Heart.

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