Do You?

trust word in vintage grunge wooden letterpress printing blocks, isolated on white Author Stephen M. R. Covey ( argues that the most critical competency for a leader is their ability to “establish, grow, extend and restore trust among stakeholders.” He further states that, “inspiring trust” is the first job of any leader, which lies within their personal character (integrity, motive and intent) and competence (capabilities, skills and results). Both character and competence represent two sides of the same trust coin, in that one can’t be present without the other to exist. It is important to uphold the balance between the behaviours, to avoid one side becoming an unwelcome weakness. As leaders, we must recognize that trust is the foundation for all personal and professional relationships as it is also a requirement for any change effort. There will be times, when extending trust first will be necessary but “smart trust” has, “clear expectations and strong accountability built into the process.” According to the author, “the best leaders always lead with a decided propensity to trust, as opposed to a propensity not to.” 13 must do behaviours to build TRUST:

  1. Talk Straight
  2. Demonstrate Respect
  3. Create Transparency
  4. Right the Wrongs
  5. Show Loyalty
  6. Deliver Results
  7. Get Better
  8. Confront Reality
  9. Clarify Expectation
  10. Practice Accountability
  11. Listen First
  12. Keep Commitments
  13. Extend Trust

To read the full article and explore Covey’s 13 must-do behaviours in more detail visit:  Covey On Trust (2009)

Read more in the Ivey Business Journal about using communication as a tool for building trust here.

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