Will You Take Your Leadership Advantage?

The Advantage

“The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health. Yet it is ignored by most leaders even though it is simple, free and available to anyone who wants it.”   ~ P.Lencioni

Key to organizational health is a cohesive leadership team. Together these members strive to achieve and deliver clarity at all levels of the organization. Having a cohesive leadership team makes implementing the right structures easier and provides the consistency and stability to build and maintain a healthy organizational culture. An organization is healthy when its management, operational structures and culture are properly aligned.

Lencioni’s book identifies four steps to organizational health that will help leaders tap into and then grow the advantages that exist such as critical team intelligence. The healthier an organization is, the more access it will have to the wealth of knowledge, experiences and intellectual capital contained  within its people which so often goes under-utilized in the unhealthy organizations of today. This capacity to recognize and build internal intelligence allows the organization to develop higher levels of responsive and adaptability; ultimately strengthening its ability to make smarter and faster decisions while avoiding losing employees due to dysfunctional leadership.

To overcome dysfunction involves a basic set of principles followed by a commitment to mastering and applying them on a daily basis— a cohesive leadership team, who together are committed to creating effective and clear communication.

The Advantage Model

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