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WCS Leadership Network is an Ottawa-based Sustainable Community Development Consulting firm focused on strengthening the Leadership capacity in the Nonprofit and Small Business sectors. Many passionate and talented individuals find themselves in leadership positions with little to no formal training or experience to back them. While learning on the job or flying by the seat of your pants works for some people, having access to development only when budget and time allows is not in anyone’s best interest.  Even the most visionary leaders can be left feeling vulnerable and lacking the skills and competencies to effectively respond to today’s organization and business challenges.

In 2014, WCS was formed to focus exclusively on changing the current training landscape for Nonprofits and Small Business owners. Our goal is to increase the capacity of these sectors by providing effective alternatives to traditional training and workshops that shift the learning from passive in exchange for bold attempts and risk taking.  Using our four cornerstones we use our experience in Community Development to engage and design environments  that encourage collaboration and operate on the power of relationships. Effective leadership is a key element to achieving long-term goals and stability within these sectors —and it should never be viewed as optional.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

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