Supporting Needs for Sustainable High Quality Nonprofit Services!

Our core services in Training & Development, Design and Evaluation focus on improving the Quality Performance of Nonprofit Human Services and Systems.

We work with individuals, organizations and networks to improve the service experiences for users by identifying key service barriers that can impact on user’s perceptions of service quality. By taking this unique user-centred approach, we help our clients to identify the people and processes (Systems Change) within their delivery model that contribute value and improve the effectiveness of the services from the beginning-to-the-end of the service journey.

Our purpose is to increase the Sector’s ability to meet the holistic needs of users and stakeholders within a sustainable service system by focusing on the service and system designs that add  value to the end-to-end interactions.

“User satisfaction and service quality have been proven to help improve the overall performance of organizations.”  (Magi & Julander, 1996, p. 40)

All of our Professional services utilize the dimensions of Adaptive Capacity

Adaptive Capacity

WCS offers over 25 years of professional experience supporting community needs in Training, Development and Evaluation!

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